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EQ Christchurch
Performance Management Manual

EQ Performance Management Manual  will help you turn an employee's performance around by using the correct performance management processes. However if the employee's performance does not reach the required levels you will have the tools and confidence to terminate the employee using the correct processes.  All the resources can be modified to a specific need or situation.

You get  free phone support when you purchase this tool. Call us on 03 366 4034 for free advice and assistance.

Here's what you get in your manual:    

Green Arrow   Eight-point performance management checklist ensures you follow each step in the process.
Green Arrow   Fourteen-step managing poor performance overview flowchart illustrates the overall performance management process.
Green Arrow   Performance meeting invitation (i.e. first formal meeting) to ensure the employee clearly understands at each stage the purpose of the meeting and the potential consequences should their performance not improve as required.   
Green Arrow   Simple performance improvement plan  illustrates the performance issues clearly, the required performance improvement how performance will be measured, the support to be provided to assist improvement and a clear timeframe for improvement.   
Green Arrow   Fourteen-point formal interview with non-performers checklist guides you through the sequence of formal meetings and written warnings when dealing with an employee whose performance has not improved following an initial informal/counselling approach   
Green Arrow First written warning can be issued at the end of the first formal meeting and starts the formal warning process should the employee not meeting the performance improvement standards in the timeframe, as discussed and set out at the meeting.   
Green Arrow Second performance meeting invitation.   
Green Arrow Final written warning  is issued if the employee does not meet the performance improvement standards within the required timeframe as discussed and set out at the second meeting.   
Green Arrow Final performance meeting invitation.   
Green Arrow Termination with notice letter is the final step if the employees non-performance continues.   

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