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Independent Contractor Agreement NZ | Checklist

The EQ Independent Contractors Manual contains all of the tools and resources that you need to ensure you are adhering to the correct legal requirements when hiring a contractor. This section contains a wide range of documents that have been designed by professional HR Consultants carefully explain the difference between an employee and a contractor, when it is and isnt legally appropriate to hire a contractor, and the correct documents to use when hiring an independent contractor.
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When hiring an independent contract, you need to ensure that you are following the correct legal process. By purchasing the full Independent Contractors Manual, you can feel confident that you will be meeting all of your legal tax obligations as required by NZ law. Buy all documents together and save 40%!

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Independent Contractors Checklist

This FREE checklist has been designed to show you the correct legal procedures when hiring an independent contractor.

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Independent Contractor Policy

This six-point contractor policy outlines policies that you SHOULD be using when hiring an independent contractor.

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Employee vs. Contractor

Protect yourself against legal and tax challenges and use this checklist to make sure you can hire a contractor for the job.     

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Contractor Health & Safety

This six-point contractor health and safety policy ensures you are adhering to legal health and safety regulations.

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Contract for Service Agreement

Save time writing your own contracts! Our eighteen-point contract is easily to customise for your needs.

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