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EQ Terms and Conditions 

Copyright Notice

This EQ HR Toolkit Section and all information in it is manufactured and distributed under licence by EQ Consultants Limited.
You are granted a personal, non-transferable and non-exclusive licence to use the Section and all information in it.  The Section and all information in it are protected by copyright.  You may use the Section and the information in it for business purposes within your site but you may not make the Section and any of the information in it available for use outside your site or copy the Section or any of the information in any form whatsoever.  All intellectual and industrial property rights in the Section and the information in it are reserved.  The owner and distributors do not provide any warranties in relation to the Section.
Important Disclaimer

The owner and distributors have made every effort to ensure that the information contained in this Section is complete and accurate however no responsibility can be taken by the owner or distributors for any liability or action arising from any incomplete or inaccurate information.
This electronic soft-copy version (whether supplied on CD, from the internet, or otherwise) is not intended to be professional advice or to replace professional advice and no reliance should be placed wholly or partially on the contents of this Section or the accompanying electronic soft-copy version without first obtaining advice from a qualified professional person.  This Section is sold on the condition that the owner and distributors are not responsible for any action or omission taken on the basis of information in this Section and that the owner and the distributors are not engaged in providing professional advice to any person.  Any person using this Section or using or referring to any of the precedents and procedures and guidelines must read all of the relevant information in the Section and where the Section recommend that other steps (such as taking legal advice) be taken, must take such steps.
The owner and distributors expressly exclude any liability arising from the use of this Section or reliance on the contents of this Section, including but not limited to liability arising from a failure to read all relevant information in this Section, failure to take steps recommended by this Section, or taking any action or omission on the basis of the contents of this Section.  The owner and distributors also do not accept any liability for damages arising out of the use of or inability to use the Section or the accompanying electronic soft-copy version (including loss of profits, data, and business interruption), even if the owners or distributor had been advised of the possibility of such damages.  Limitations to and exclusions of the liability of the owner and distributor are set out in your licence agreement with the owner or licensed distributor.
EQ Refund Policy/Disputes Policy

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the content of your purchased please contact EQ Consultants Ltd within 7 days from date of purchase. Contact can be made via email at
enquries@eqconsultants.co.nz or phone 64 3 366 4034.
Customer Service Contact Details

If for any reason you have a question or concern please contact EQ Consultants Ltd:

Unit 3A, 11 Coppell Place, Hillmorton
PO Box 22 041
Christchurch 8142 

T: 03 366 4034

Transaction Currency

All prices quoted on this website are in New Zealand dollars.
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EQ Consultants Ltd  |  Ph: 03-366 4034   
Unit 3A, 11 Coppell Place, Hillmorton, PO Box 22-041, Christchurch 8142
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The EQ Human Resource Toolkit is a New Zealand solution for Employers wanting an affordable and effective HR system.
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